Devolution Support Network

Devolution Support Network (DSN) is an initiative of Socio Engineering Consultants (SEC) Islamabad. This Alliance is an outcome of the fact that SEC implemented many projects in the sectors like Education, Community mobilization, community development and devolution, in collaboration with several partner NGOs especially in the mega Projects like Girls Primary Education Development Project and Women’s Political Participation Projects. Through this experience the SEC and its partners had realized the need and importance of joining hands together. Hence the SEC and partner NGOs felt it necessary to formalize the collaboration in the shape of DSN.

Socio-Engineering Consultants has provided a platform to the NGOs and CBOs across the country to collaborate and contribute to the development of the country. The idea of Network has an edge over other consortiums, as it’s a great blend of expertise and massive outreach.

DSN is a Consortium of 16 Development NGOs, spread all over Pakistan. The Network has carried out various interventions for community development on the lines of devolution plan in the areas of organizing school councils, capacity building of teachers, social mobilization, community participation, communication strategy, training of community activists, capacity building, research, awareness etc.

Each partner of the DSN has implemented various community projects funded by the world agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IDA, DFID, NORAD, UNDP, and UNOPS etc.

DSN Strength and Expertise

  • IME and ICT applications
  • Research and Surveys
  • Technical support in all areas of interventions
  • CCBs formation and capacity building
  • Organizing and capacity building of School Councils
  • Social Mobilization
  • Community Participation
  • Awareness

DSN Functioning

  • General Council (Supreme Policy Making Body – meets half-yearly)
  • Executive Council (Implementing arm of the network, acts for implementation of policies devised by General Council)
  • Central Secretariat (Co-ordination and management of DSN affairs at national level)
  • Provincial Secretariats : (Co-ordination and management at provincial level)

DSN Structure

  • General Council: all members of network
  • Executive Council: 7 members (presently 5 on the board)
  • Central Secretariat (Chairman, National Co-coordinator, Finance Secretary)
  • Provincial Secretariats (Provincial Co-coordinators, Secretaries, Finance Secretaries)


  • Initiate, promote, encourage and foster devolution process in the country
  • Help in enhancing scale, quality, diversity and sustainability of services
  • Strengthen efforts and initiatives for empowerment of common folks
  • Assist local governments in identifying and channeling resources to support above activities

DSN Mission

To enhance the capacity of local governments and service providers for easy, equitable and sustainable access of common citizens to all public & private facilities