Pre Engineered Building Industries

PEBI is a member of well established SE group of companies. Its steel structure fabricating & manufacturing units operates from its factory in Industrial Triangle, Sihala Islamabad. PEBI is equipped with latest fully automated Computerized Numerically Controlled (CNC) FRAMECAD machines with original engineering software supplied and installed by FRAMECAD.

PEBI has the distinction of employing a team of Architects, Design Engineers, Civil & Electrical engineers most of whom received special training from FRAMECAD.

In addition a number of operators and other technical staff have also undergone training conducted by FRAMECAD engineers.

PEBI Building Construction Division par ticipates in building construction tenders and undertakes construction projects all over Pakistan based on LGS technology.

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Designing and Building a 75′ by 35′ plot

We are currently designing a house on a 75’x35’ plot, which will showcase sustainability of LGS and aesthetics of cement fiber board as a superior replacement of conventional construction material. Our job is to prepare proposals, both architectural and structural while the development authority will analyze and approve it and give PEBI a ‘go ahead’ for construction. Architectural design proposal is prepared i.e. plans, sections, elevations and 3D; simultaneously structural design team is formulating the design on FRAME CAD pro. We aim for energy efficient house (Our energy audit is evident)

LGS is a smarter and long lasting solution of small sensitive spaces such as house.