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Corporate Technology

Promethean is a world leader in interactive collaborative solutions. Our innovative technology tools—interactive whiteboards, software, audience response systems and interactive tools—are designed to support communication, collaboration, creativity and learning. Our technology has been proven to increase instructional results in education, changing the way the world teaches, learns and interacts. Promethean supports new ways of advancing your company and empowering your employees to be innovative, increase collaboration and work more efficiently.

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Leverage collaboration tools, audience feedback and assessment opportunities, and innovative methods for presenting training materials to help everyone teach, train and learn more in every session. With Promethean’s Efficient Training Solution, engage attendees, assess understanding of key concepts and encourage full audience participation to elevate training efficiency. Accelerate employee training with a solution designed to […]

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Encourage participants to engage, interact and work together during meetings and give them the tools to do so seamlessly, whether they’re in the same room or on different continents. The result: efficient, effective communication-building teamwork that drives success. Promethean’s Enhanced Collaboration Solution encourages participants to engage, interact and work together during meetings, fostering communication-building teamwork […]

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Focus minds and meetings by facilitating the exchange of ideas, collaboration and communication. When everyone is engaged, everyone stays involved, and everyone gets more out of the gathering. It’s a strategic investment in the right technology that saves time and money and boosts employee productivity. Businesses strive to control costs while continuing to innovate. With […]

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